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AGINET is leading the charge in the concrete mixer controls delivery industry, by providing solutions maintstream telemactics companies are unable to. Our proprietary solution was built from the ground up to integrate into onboard concrete truck control systems which can detect: 

  • Barrel Rotation Direction (On Manual & Remote Systems)
  • Barrel Rotation Speed
  • Hydraulic System Health (Temp/Pressure)
  • Cooling Fan Degradation
  • Weight in KG & Cubic Metres
  • Emergency Stop Counters
  • Stop (Brake) & Neutral Switch Monitoring
  • Axle Weight Monitoring
  • J1939 CANBUS Integration

And all of this in Real Time with Historical Data Logging alongside GPS Tracking Data.

If you have a need to integrate into your existing batching plant systems or job management systems we also have the capability to do so with our in house development team.

We are already COMMAND ALKON accredited and offer an off the shelf solution for this system.