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Strain checks are sensors which are utilized in assortment of physical estimations. They change obstruction when they are extended or packed. In view of this property, strain checks frequently are attached to a strong surface and utilized for estimating speeding up, weight, pressure and power. We can utilize the estimation of pressure to decide the weight connected to the heap cell. Essentially, strain is an adjustment long per unit length. 

Specifications and Features :

  • Inner 1000Ohm half-connect strain measure load cell, the range is 50kg, half-connect structure. 
  • Broadly utilized in container scales, stage scales, stage balance, belt scales, and other electronic gauging gadgets. 
  • This is a half-connect load sensor, which is broadly utilized in weight scales. At the point when the half-connect is being extended, it sends the sign by means of the red sign wire. 
  • Composite Steel wired gauging load cell, high precision, basic structure, basic establishment. 
  • You can utilize various burden sensors at the same time to build the limit go, Parallel use to include extra limit.